The Success Of
Your Company
Depends On
Your People


Because payroll is the biggest expense for most organizations, the fastest way to increase the profitability of your company is to hire people who naturally “fit” into their jobs.

Hiring the best people results in less turnover and recruiting costs, increased productivity, and almost no wasted management time… and increased profits and reduced problems.

Fortunately, recent developments in technology and psychology can give you valuable insights into candidates that can make the difference between hiring a top performer and someone who turns out to be only average - or worse.

Find Out How

Why Hiring Results Are Inconsistent

Traditional Methods
Aren't Reliable

Thirty years of research shows that the traditional resume / experience / education / interview selection strategy has a low correlation with hiring a top performing employee.

Behavior (not personality) and cognitive ability are the two factors with the highest correlation to hiring success and they are almost impossible to accurately measure during a traditional interview process.

How To Hire Top Performing Employees

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Candidates Are Well Prepared

Candidates Are Prepared

The amount of information available on the internet makes it easy for candidates to know what you are going to ask before you ask it. They are well prepared in advance with perfect answers that are designed to get them the job, not help you hire the right person.

A modern hiring assessment can generate customized interview questions that help you explore candidate strengths and weaknesses in a way that they won’t be prepared for so that you can hire more top performers.

Hiring Takes Practice

Just like anything else, it takes study and practice to become a hiring expert.

Even if you’re an HR professional, rarely do you have time to study and practice the art and science of hiring and interviewing. And if you are a business owner, executive, or hiring manager, you are at even more of a disadvantage.

Effective Hiring Takes Practice

How Hiring Assessments Will Help

Understand What Will Make Someone Successful

While it is fairly easy to specify the technical skills required for a job, it is almost impossible to accurately determine what behaviors, motivations, and thinking styles will make someone successful (or cause them to fail.)

Our validated assessments provide a library of Performance Models that reflect the characteristics of people who have been successful in a job. We can also create a customized Performance Model that reflects a specific job in your company.

Effective Hiring Takes Practice

Reduce Subjectivity

The traditional hiring process is inherently subjective and three key studies have come to the conclusion that:

Judgements made within the first 20 seconds of the interview significantly affect the outcome on an interview.

We tend to ask slightly different questions with slightly different voice tones to people we like and people we don’t like - and we interpret their answers differently. This effect is known as the “Hero & Horns Effect” and can be so subtle that we don’t know that we’re doing it.

The best way to compensate for Hero & Horns is to add the objective data from a validated hiring assessment to your process.

Intuitive Reporting

Our assessments provide you with easy-to-read and easy-to-understand reports that quickly show you how your candidate compares to the thinking style, behaviors, and motivations that are likely to make someone successful in the job in your company.

The reports even generate customized interview questions that isolate on the challenges and strengths or the candidate – and they won’t be prepared for.

One Assessment For The Entire Employee Lifecycle

Employee Lifecycle Benefits

Once a candidate or existing employee has completed an assessment, their information can be used throughout their entire career to hire, manage, and develop them.

Solve People Problems

Few HR professional, business owners, or managers have the background in psychology to diagnose the personality and behavior problems that arise in today’s workplace. You know that ten percent of your employees cause ninety percent of your problems and our assessments can give you into the causes and solutions to many of these problems.

Assessments Solve People Problems