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Our Mission

HR Strategies Today is dedicated to helping you use the latest advances in psychology and technology to hire, coach, and retain superstar employees.

The founder of HR Strategies Today, Paul Endress has an extensive background in business and psychology and HR Strategies Today is created to apply this knowledge to the practice of human resources management in the forward thinking companies of the twenty first century.

Our research is focused in the following areas that enable human resource professionals to contribute directly to the profitability of a company:

  • Selecting people most likely to succeed in a job
  • Accelerating time for people to become fully productive in a new role
  • Improving alignment and communication between managers and employees
  • Reducing workforce conflict and improving employee satisfaction
  • Maximizing each employee’s contribution to the organization
  • Reducing employee absenteeism and turnover
  • Increasing sales performance and customer loyalty
  • Enabling strategic workforce management and succession planning
  • Increasing overall workforce capability, productivity, and agility