Let's Talk!

Email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have changed the ways that we communicate, haven’t they?

Whether you love them or hate them they bring real value to relationships and they are here to stay.

And while these modern methods are great, I think that there is still room for two old fashioned technologies… the telephone and (gasp!) the face to face meeting.

So I’m making an offer that will shock some people.

Let’s talk on the phone or in person.

I know that this idea might sound radical and dangerous, but good things can happen when people talk to each other.

So… here’s my offer… let’s have a phone call and get to know each other. Or if you are within a few hours of Harrisburg, PA I’ll be glad to invest the time in coming to meet you personally.

And don’t worry… this won’t be a sales call.

You’ve been getting my emails for a few months now and you know that I’m mainly about useful information, not selling.

I truly want to bring more value to you and your organization.

Let’s talk!

You can call me at 717-307-5523, email me at paul@hrstrategiestoday.com or use the handy form on the right ->

If not, that’s ok. I’ll “see” you in my next email!

Paul Small