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Hiring Is Changing

Difficult To Find Qualified Employees

It's Getting More Difficult To Find Qualified Candidates

If you are actively hiring, you know that the competition for qualified candidates is increasing due to demographic changes and the skill sets available.

All companies try to hire the best, but this supply shortage makes it tempting to hire quickly rather than making sure that a new hire is an exact fit for the position.

Taking the time to hire an exact fit quickly pays off because whey someone fits their job they are more productive, need less management supervision, and don't respond when headhunters call.

The proper assessment can transform your hiring by determining exactly what will make someone successful in a position and then giving you objective feedback about how well a candidate is likely to fit.

Employee Loyalty Is Decreasing

Loyalty Is Decreasing

Not only is the competition for qualified candidates is increasing, the loyalty of existing employees is decreasing.

This makes it more important than ever that you hire people who will fit into your organization and want to stay a long time.

According to Bently University 41% of millennials expect to remain at a job for 2 years or less – compared with 17% of Gen Xers and 10% of Baby Boomers. Part of this trend is driven by career exploration and part by changes in attitudes.

Candidates Are Better Prepared

Candidates Are Better Prepared Than Ever

The amount of interview preparation available on the web, in books, and in college ensures that candidates are better prepared for the interview than ever before. A search of Amazon will turn up over one hundred books on "how to interview" - including the classic Job Interviews For Dummies.

Of course there are standard interview questions that need to be asked, but you can expect that many candidates will know the answers before you ask.

A high quality hiring assessment can help you focus in on the candidates strengths and potential problems by generating customized interview questions based upon the candidate and the position.  You can dexpect to get high quality insights because candidates will be surprised and unprepared.

The Cost of Hiring Mistakes Is Increasing

The Cost And Impact Of Hiring Mistakes Is Increasing


Three Principles of Successful Hiring

How Hiring Assessments Can Help

Hire More Top Performing Employees

Hire More Top Performing Employees

What is the cost of a poor performing employee for one day?

For most companies, human resources is their biggest investment. Which is why you must know the answer to this question:

Is this candidate a good fit for this job?

Whether you are considering an internal promotion or an external hire, hiring assessments help you make smarter selection decisions with confidence by comparing a specific candidate to the specific thinking style, behaviors, and interests required for a job.

Hiring assessments give you a selection report features tailored interview questions and tips on “what to listen for” with each candidate so that hiring managers can explore potential challenges and strengths that they might not otherwise be aware of – and can make the difference between poor, average, and outstanding performance.

Assessments For Coaching and Development

Make Everyone Better

Want to get the most out of everyone?

What would be the value of coaching advice tailored to each employee?

The fastest way to improve the productivity and profitability of your company is to take advantage of the natural strengths of each person while minimizing any problems created by their natural behaviors.

Unfortunately, few managers have the training and experience needed to to do this. Many times managers know that something is wrong, but they don’t know what it is.

To solve this problem, assessments can compare a person to a position and create customized coaching advice that can be used by any manager to solve challenges and take advantage of natural strengths… and get the most out of everyone.

Team Building and Team Improvement

Supercharge Teams

Relationships are complicated, aren’t they?

This is especially true when we put individuals with different thinking styles, behaviors, and interests together on a team. Then we expect them to work together under pressure and deadlines to produce outstanding outcomes.

Unfortunately, even if everyone on the team has the best of intentions and makes their best effort, conflict and lost productivity can result from difficult to understand interactions that most managers don’t have the training to diagnose and manage.

Assessments can predict how a potential candidate fits an existing team, or analyze your current team’s dynamic and strengths.