Coaching and Team Building Reports

One of the best uses of our Team Building Assessment is the information it gives you for enhancing the employee’s job performance. The reports reveal the type of leadership style, work environment and work assignments that result in the greatest amount job satisfaction for the employee.

When work assignments, work environments and management styles are consistent with employee needs, employees will have a greater level of satisfaction on the job and increased job performance.

These sample reports will give you a chance to see for yourself how valuable this will be for your organization.

  • Individual Management Report
    Individual Management Report

    This report serves as a “manager’s operating manual” for an employee, which helps managers better motivate, coach, and communicate with the employee. It also helps to predict and minimize conflict among coworkers, and provides crucial information for improving team selection and performance.

    Use this assessment report for coaching and managing an employee.

  • Team Analysis Report
    Team Analysis Report

    The Team Analysis Report will help managers form new teams, reduce team conflict, improve team communication, improve their ability to anticipate problems, and enhance their team leadership skills.

    The included Team Balance Table shows the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the team and how the team members will interact with each other.

  • Team Analysis Report
    Team Analysis Report

    The ability of a team to work effectively is greatly influenced by the individual characteristics of the team members and their synergy. While a team can adjust to accommodate synergy issues, the fewer adjustments necessary, the more efficiently the team will function.

    In managing a team, the more data available to help you understand the characteristics of the team members, the more focused the management of that team.

    This report will help guide you, the team leader, to better understand and manage the team and the team members.

    Because a team is made up of people, understanding their combined behavior is essential to the success of the team.