How to Attract, Select, Hire, and Retain
Top Quality Candidates Who
Increase Your Profits and
Decrease Your Problems

Fill Your Company With People Who Are
Highly Motivated, Fit Pefectly, and Never Leave

An Open Letter To Anyone Who Is Struggling To Hire In Today's Difficult Enviornment

Dear hiring manager,

Let’s start by facing reality…

There simply aren’t enough quality candidates available in the marketplace to fill the number of jobs available.

And… it’s getting impossible to fill even previously easy to fill positions.

So, companies (probably not yours) are tempted to lower their hiring standards and fill positions with the people who are available – not necessarily someone who is a solid match for the requirements of the job, will enjoy coming to work, and become a top performer in the position.

This tendency to hire the best available person is costing these companies hundreds of thousands (or maybe even millions) of dollars in waste due to low productivity, recruiting and training costs, plus the unneeded waste of additional management time that average and poor performers require.


What if while there may not be an oversupply of candidates like during the financial crisis of 2007-14, there are plenty of high quality candidates for your open positions?

If you know how to attract, select, and hire them.

Here's The Problem

And It's Not Your Fault

Here's The Solution

And You Can Use It Immediately

Four Step Successful Hiring Process