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Here's the Problem...

There Aren't Enough Unemployed People
To Fill The Jobs Available

It's Not Your Fault

It's a matter of demographics.

As this chart from the Department of Labor shows, starting in June of 2018 there were less unemployed people available to hire than jobs available.

This means that you are constantly struggling to fill openings and most qualified candidates are already working somewhere else, which makes them difficult to recruit.

There are many strategies that can be used to solve the problem, but one of the most effective is creating Irresistible Offers™ which candidates of your choice are likely to accept.

Why Its Hard To Find People To Hire

Demographic Trends Are Against You

The Problems This Causes

  • The Treadmill Effect

    The constant search for qualified candidates can be exhausting because even when you find someone you want to hire, they might decide to stay where they are or take a “better” offer.

    Irresistible Offers shows you how to create offers that appeal directy to the internal motivators of a candidate so that you can hire the candidates of your choice – and get off of the treadmill.

  • Conflict and Problems

    If you have ever hired a less-than-perfect candidate because you needed to fill a job, you know that this can cause its own set of problems including mismatches in culture, conflict, and wasted management time.

    When you are able to hire the candidate of your choice they integrate easily into your organization and become a valued member of the team.

  • Pressure and Stress

    Not being able to hire enough of the right people creates stress and pressure from constantly being understaffed.

    Being understaffed stresses your existing workforce and makes it more likely they will leave which makes the problem even worse.

Here's the Solution...

The Question You Must Answer

Click To Watch Lesson 2 from the Irresistible Offers online course.

Why should someone come to work for you instead of every other choice available including staying where they are now?

When you answer this question, you begin to solve the problem because the answer is the basis for the Irresistible Offer you are going to create.

The answer to the question is very personal and individual and once you know it, you can create an offer that gives them exactly what they want - even if they don't know what it is (most people don't!)

Give Candidates Exactly What They Want

Even If They Don't Know What It Is

Values are certainty about what is important. The video to the right is the actual lesson from the Irresistible Offers course, and it explains in detail what values are and how they work.

The bottom line?

Give the candidate what is most important to them.

Each person's unconscious mind knows what this is, but most people are not aware of it at a conscious level.

Click To Watch Lesson 3 from the Irresistible Offers online course.

Two Real Life Case Studies

Show Exactly How To Use Irresistible Offers

These companies both used Irresistible Offers for successful hires in hard to fill jobs and each candidate was already working somewhere else.

National Company Hires A Candidate With A PhD In Physics With A Security Clearance
Manufacturing Company Hires A Highly Skilled Machinist

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