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Paul Endress ProfileXT Certified Expert

ProfileXT® Expert and National SHRM Speaker
Paul Endress

Here's How The ProfileXT Will Help You

More Fun and Less Stress

Feel Better From Less Stress

ProfileXT Reduces Stress In Hiring

Sourcing, interviewing, and decision making can be stressful… and it's even worse when a hire turns out to be less than you expected and causes stress and conflict with other people.

Fortunately, the ProfileXT can compare your candidate not only to the job you are considering them for, but also to their potential boss and the people they will work with to get insight to how well they will work together.

What will your life be like with less stress?

Experience More Certainty

ProfileXT Provides Certainty In Hiring

It's not easy to know who to hire because there are so many variables and people are endlessly complicated.

The ProfileXT will simplify your life.

It helps you understand exactly who you want to hire and then provides objective, digital data and customized interview questions you can add to your existing hiring process so you can make better decisions with more confidence.

Certainty feels good, doesn't it?

Here's How The ProfileXT Will Help
Your Organization

More Profits and Less Problems

Slash Costly Turnover

Reduce Turnover

As you know, sourcing, recruiting, hiring, and training is more expensive than ever before, so it's critically important to reduce turnover by making sure that every hire fits their position.

ProfileXT Job Fit technology reduces turnover because when someone "fits" their job, they don't think about leaving and they become impervious to headhunters – even if they are offered more money.

And... they work harder, are more productive, and don't waste management time.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

You know from experience that someone who fits their job is more productive because their work matchs their natural behaviors and is easier and less stressful for them.

Research reveals that employees who are well matched to their jobs are 2.5 times more productive on the job - and that the higher the level of job, the greater the gain in productivity.

Build Leadership Strength

Use The ProfileXT To Build Leadership Strength

The ProfileXT Leadership report gives you reliable insight into a candidate’s leadership potential and their approach to meeting leadership challenges.

It helps hiring managers understand how a candidate leads by revealing an individual’s key characteristics and their personal strengths and challenges as they relate to six universal Leadership Skills.

Featuring tailored questions and tips on ‘what to listen for’ with each candidate, this report gives you a valuable edge in selecting your next leaders.

Make Everyone Better

Use The ProfileXT To Make Everyone Better

Want to get the most out of everyone?

The best way is to take advantage of the natural strengths of each person while minimizing any problems created by their natural behaviors.

Unfortunately, few managers have the training and experience needed to to do this effectively. Many times managers know that something is wrong, but they don’t know what it is.

To solve this problem, the ProfileXT creates customized coaching advice that can be used by any manager to solve challenges and take advantage of natural strengths… and get the most out of everyone.

Here's What's Included When You
Buy The ProfileXT

Private Branded Data Portal

Everything is cloud based and branded so your candidates see your company, not ours.

Exclusive "On Target" Consulting & Training

Based upon fifteen years of experience with thousands of people hired.

Free PXT Select Upgrade

Automatically upgrade to the new fourth generation PXT Select at no cost.

Complete Suite of Reports

Leverage the ProfileXT for the entire employee life cycle with thirteen reports included.

"Done For You" Fast Start Service

Just send a job description and I'll send you a link you can give to your candidate.

Or, you can learn to "do it yourself" if you prefer.

Unlimited Jobs

Use the ProfileXT for as many different jobs as you want. Unlimited Performance Models are included.

Who Uses The ProfileXT?

Over 2,000,000 Candidates Tested For 300,000 Jobs
Join Thousands of Companies Including These

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HR Strategies Today is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes use the latest advances in technology and psychology to hire, develop, and retain high performing employees and teams.

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Meet Paul Endress

Here's How Paul Will Help You

About Paul Endress

Paul is founder of nine companies including a nationally known software company. He started using the ProfileXT in 2006 to solve his own hiring problems.

Since selling the company in 2013, he has dedicated himself to helping organizations of all sizes use the latest advances in technology and psychology to hire, develop, and retain high performing employees and teams.

Paul is a (very) amateur magician, plays golf, rides roller coasters, and frequently speaks at HR, business, and real estate investment conferences.

National SHRM Speaker

2017- 2020 SHRM National Talent Management Conference
HR West, HR Southwest, and SHRM National conference speaker
NJ, FL, SC, MD, IA, MT, and dozens of other state and local SHRM conferences

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