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Put The Right Person In The Right Job

Increase Your Profits And Decrease Your Problems

  • Easy-to-read and easy-to-understand reports reveal critical information that is almost impossible to find in an interview
  • Customized interview questions make it easy to uncover potential problems
  • Numerical scores help improve hiring results by measuring the job fit of any candidate compared to any job
  • Fast, easy, and cost effective
  • Proven in use over ten years with over one million candidates tested

The ProfileXT uses advanced technology to uncover and alert you to potential problems that are difficult or impossible to find during a traditional interview process.

Then the software generates interview questions that are customized for each candidate and job so that you can explore these areas with the candidate and make a more informed decision.

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Benefits You Can Expect From The ProfileXT

  • Reduced Turnover

    When people fit into their job they enjoy coming to work every day and they will remain in the job even when there are challenges.

  • Increased Productivity

    People who are engaged and can do their job using their natural abilities will always be more productive than those that need to be closely supervised and constantly managed.

  • Less Conflict and More Engagement

    Problem employees affect the morale of the entire team so when someone matches the culture of the company and the requirements of the job, they will naturally get along better with everyone.

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