The ProfileXT® Reduces Hiring Risk

By Adding Objective, Digital Information To Your Existing Process

Use The ProfileXT® To
Hire Top Performers

By Adding Objective, Digital Information To Your Existing Process

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What If You Could Predict Who Will Succeed And Who Will Fail...

Before You Hire Them?

Job descriptions and KPI's are a good start for hiring a top performer, but they're not enough to predict success.

Have you have ever experienced the frustration of inconsistent hiring results?

It might be because experience, education, and references are only part of what is needed to predict whether someone will be a top performer.

To solve this problem, the ProfileXT uses proprietary Performance Model technology to analyze the thinking style, behaviors, and interests that make someone a good fit for a position.

You can easily compare any candidate to the Performance Model for any position to find their overall fit as well as their specific strengths and challenges compared to the job they are being considered for.

Just think of how this insight could improve your hiring decisions!

Mis Hire Cropped

Here's How The ProfileXT® Will Benefit You

Your Life Will Be Easier and Your Business More Profitable

Less Costly Turnover

As you know, turnover bleeds profits and adds additional work and problems to your already busy life.

Fortunately, the ProfileXT reduces turnover because it makes sure someone "fits" their job so they don't think about leaving.


They work harder.
They cause less problems.
They waste less management time.
They are easier to onboard and train.
They are impervious to headhunters – even if they are offered more money.

Less People Problems

Take a few seconds an think about your last people problem.

People are complex and sometimes difficult to manage, aren’t they?

Unfortunately, most managers, business owners (and even HR professionals) don't have the training in psychology required to solve the increasingly complex people problems facing companies.

To help, the ProfileXT includes Coaching, Management, and Team reports which give you actionable advice on how to best manage each person in your organization.

These reports are included at no cost, so you can use them to help managers to get off to a strong start with new employees or to improve their relationship with the people and teams they are already managing.

More Productivity

Someone who fits their job is more productive because their responsibilities match their natural behaviors and the work is easier and less stressful for them.

Because they like their job, they look forward to coming to work every day. This shows up in their increased productivity.

Research reveals that employees who are well matched to their jobs are 2.5 times more productive on the job - and that the higher the level of job, the greater the gain in productivity.

How would you benefit if your workforce was more productive?

If we get the right people on the bus, the right people in the right seats, and the wrong people off the bus, then we'll figure out how to take it someplace great.”

Good To Great

Jim Collins

Jim Collins is not associated with the ProfileXT in any way. He does not support or endorse it. We are using his quote to illustrate an important principle of successful hiring.

The ProfileXT Is Proven In Use For Twenty Years

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Our Five Star Service Makes The ProfileXT Fast and Easy

The HR Strategies team has been working with hiring assessments for over a decade and we have served both for profit and nonprofit organizations ranging in size from 10 to 40,000 employees.

These years of experience give us an unmatched level of expertise in both using assessments in the hiring process, and hiring strategies in general.

As part of our five-star service program, our expertise is always available to you at no cost - even if you never buy anything from us.

Our goal is to always make sure you hire the best person for every job.

Expert Guidance

The ProfileXT is one part of a successful hiring process, and we have resources,  training, and consulting available to help you with your entire process.

The HR Strategies team is led by nationally known expert, Paul Endress, who has spoken at dozens of state and national SHRM events and helped organizations of all sizes use the latest advances in psychology and technology to optimize their hiring strategies.

National SHRM Speaker

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Profile XT Reports

How Can The ProfileXT® Help You Hire More Top Performers?

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The ProfileXT Generates Interview Questions To Get Critical Insights From Every Interview

If you have ever felt like candidates knew the answers to your questions before you ask, you're not alone.

To solve this problem, the ProfileXT automatically generates interview questions that are customized for the candidate and the position.

Questions they won't be prepared for.

Sample Interview Questions

Simply add these customized questions to your existing interview process and explore their potential strengths and challenges in ways that give you real insights.

And… to make sure you get the deep insight you need for a successful hire, every interview question also tells you what to listen for when the candidate answers.

It's like having an expert coach by your side!