Profile XT Information

Put The Right Person In The Right Job

Despite our best efforts, sometimes we end up with the wrong person in the wrong job... and that can be expensive!

Fortunately, the ProfileXT® helps reduce mismatches and mistakes by accurately measuring how likely an individual is to fit into a specific job in your company. The unique Performance Model technology compares any individual to the specific qualities required to be successful in any job in your company.

You get a complete set of reports (including a numerical score) that reveals the total person including their thinking style, personality and behaviors, and interests and motivations. These critical characteristics are almost impossible to uncover in a conventional interview, but any one of them can easily be the difference between a problem employee and a superstar.

Custom Interview Questions

Candidates are well prepared aren't they?

By the time they come to the interview they have read books and practiced interviewing. They might even know what you are going to ask before you ask it!

The good news is that the ProfileXT generates unique custom interview questions based upon the person and the position. Each of these questions is designed to help you explore areas where there is a potential mismatch between their capabilities and the requirements of the job. And because these questions are specific to them, there is no way that they will be prepared.

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Because I have been working with the ProfileXT for almost a decade and have clients that have administered thousands of ProfileXT's, I can answer any question you have and guide you with best practices for implementing the ProfileXT and other assessments.

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Paul Small