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ProfileXT Superstar Hiring System

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From Hiring Frustration To A Team of Superstars

without learning any new interview questions or techniques
without wasting more time and money with headhunters and advertising
without begging for referrals and references
without spending time and money on hard to use training 
without having to deal with conflict and wasted management time
without worrying about fairness

... and it works even if candidates are practiced and ready!

Is It Even Possible To Accurately Predict Candidate Success?

I know how you feel. When I heard about the ProfileXT for the first time I thought to myself:

"No way... it can't work like this. It can't be that simple."

But here's the thing.

The Fact Is...

Hiring the right person for the job doesn't just mean job qualifications - it means hiring someone with the right experience/talents who can handle the mental demands of the job and who also fits the company’s cultural vision and work style.

So I added one additional step to my existing hiring process and it changed my life forever.

One Brilliant IDEA helped me Cut My Turnover By 300% In 30 Days

In the summer of 2007, I was struggling to hire the right people for my software company. Yes, I was hiring some great ones, but most were average... or worse!

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that I was hiring five to find one great one.

You are probably doing better than that, but...

I knew I had a problem, so:

I tried longer interviews with more questions
I tried changing my job postings and advertising
I tried asking people "who they knew" that would be good at the job
I bought books and talked to other business owners
I tried reading resumes and checking references "better"

But nothing worked. I still struggled.

Then I found...

Then one day I was at an industry trade show and found out about the ProfileXT and how it could add a layer of additional digital, objective information to my hiring process.

I realized that the REAL PROBLEM was that my perception of almost everything was being colored by my own subjective views.

We’re only human.

I was reading resumes and picking the ones I "liked" and setting up interviews.


Most resumes were a brilliant piece of marketing designed to get the candidate the job, not help me hire the right person for the job.

Then I was conducting multiple interviews with lots of well designed (I thought) behavioral questions.


Candidates were was great at sensing what I was looking for and delivering it to me for one or two meetings ... and then the real behavior and work style came out once they were hired. 

The worst part was...

I didn't even REALLY know what I was looking for.

I thought I did, but I didn't.

Yes, I had job descriptions, KPI's, years of experience, and education requirements, but I was missing what turned out to be the two most important predictors of whether someone would be successful or not.

Cognitive ability and behaviors.

Could they learn at the level required for the job and apply what they learned, and how did they behave - especially under pressure.

It turns out that this was hugely different than their "personality."

And I didn't even know...

That I wasn't even being consistent in how I treated people and their answers.

The Halo and Horns Effect was coloring my first impression of candidates and leading me to have a biased positive or negative opinion of them.

A positive first impression of somebody led me to overlook their negative characteristics or treat them more favorably than others. And a negative impression did the opposite.

What really struck me was when I found out that this happens in about the first 20 seconds of the interview and it can change what questions are asked and how answers are interpreted – either positively or negatively.

Not good for my hiring success.

Finally, I solved the problem...

Based on what I learned at the trade show and the recommendation of a friend, I added the ProfileXT to my hiring process.

Then, I just followed four steps:

A consultant created Job Success Patterns that digitally specified the thinking style, behaviors, and motivations that would make someone successful in the jobs I was hiring for.
I used the Job Success Patterns to write job postings that attracted my ideal candidates who matched what I was looking for.
Candidates completed the ProfileXT online, were compared to the Success Pattern for the job, and I got a report that reveled potential weaknesses and strengths.
I used the customized interview questions generated by the ProfileXT to carefully explore these potential weaknesses and strengths.

That's it!

This simple process cut my turnover by 300%, increased productivity, and greatly reduced the management time we were wasting on people who weren't right for the job.

Then I made it even better...

Over the years, I've studied leadership, psychology, and personal development. I even have websites and seminars devoted to these subjects.

So I applied these principles to my hiring process and created the Superstar Hiring System™ so I could stop running on the treadmill of sourcing, selecting, and training people only to have them quit or be fired.

I learned how to use the Job Success patterns combined with individual values and research from the Department of Labor to easily attract the people most likely to be successful in the job.
I used the ProfileXT to select the best of the best and hire the right person from this high quality pool of candidates.
I created my Irresistible Offers system that allowed me to offer my perfect candidate exactly what they wanted (even if they didn't know what it was). Now my chosen candidate would accept my offer even if someone else was offering more money.
I enjoyed the lack of stress and more time for other things that happens when a person fits their job using their natural thinking style, behaviors, and motivations. I was off the treadmill!

When my colleagues started asking how I did it - I created...

My 5 Step Superstar Hiring System

Step 1

Create A Job Success Pattern

Finding and selecting the right people is almost impossible if you don’t know exactly what experience, education, values, thinking style, behaviors, and motivations will make someone successful in your job.

Fortunately, there's no need to worry.

I’ll give you the exact specification for any job when you use the Superstar Hiring System.

Step 2

Attract The Right People

Say goodbye to a lack of qualified candidates. Just use the Job Success Pattern to create job postings that attract exactly the right people... and scare away the wrong ones!

And YES, I have an exact job posting formula you can use. Or, as an extra option, we can write your posting for you.

Don't waste your time interviewing the wrong people. Do it as easily as one-two-three instead of a getting bogged down in a long process that lets good candidates get away.

Step 3

Select Your Next Superstar

And now… it's time to use the ProfileXT to assess your candidates and add the customized interview questions to your existing process to make sure you cover all of their hidden strengths and shortcomings.

Because now you have objective, digital information that has been proven in use by over 30,000 organizations of all sizes and industries.

It gives you an advantage your competitors don't have.

Step 4

Create Your Irresistible Offer

Once you have selected your next superstar, making the offer doesn't have to be risky when you follow my Irresistible Offers strategy. It allows you to hire your ideal candidate even if someone else is offering more money!

I taught this strategy live at the 2019 SHRM Talent Management conference and the positive response was overwhelming.

When you use my Superstar Hiring System, you’ll get this strategy, too.

Step 5


When you follow the plan you'll be amazed how quickly you are able to hire highly qualified candidates who exactly match what you need for someone to be successful in your job.

When you see your results, you'll never ever want to hire someone with using the ProfileXT and the Superstar Hiring System.

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Find and Hire Top Performing Teams

End Your Stress and Increase Your Profits

ProfileXT Superstar Hiring System
The ProfileXT assessment with selection, coaching, management, and team reports included.
A private data portal branded for your company. (Value $397)
Unlimited Job Success Patterns created for you. (Value $495)
As much training and consulting as you need. (Value: Priceless!)
My  Irresistible Offers course (Value $495)
My How To Attract Your Ideal Candidates online course.  (Value $495)
SPECIAL FAST ACTION BONUS: Your first job posting written for you! (Value $495)

Total Value $2,995, Or...

Use It For Only $1 With Your Next Hire

7 Reasons

to Eliminate Your Hiring Problems NOW!

Reason #1: Eliminate the Sinking Feeling Your Get When You Realize You Have Made A Bad Hire

I don't know how about you, but I hate the feeling I used to get when I realized I might have made a bad hire.

And..  it usually happened within the first week or two.

No, thank you.

I would rather have the satisfaction of watching my new hires succeed and my teams enjoy working together. Want the same?

My Superstar Hiring system gives you everything you need.

Reason #2: Don't Waste Weeks Interviewing The Wrong People

Don't make the same mistake I and many HR professionals, managers, and business owners make.

They spend weeks interviewing dozens of candidates and still aren't sure they are hiring the right person. It's better to scare away unqualified candidates than waste your time sorting through them.

Superstar Hiring shows you how to know exactly what you are looking for and fill your pipeline with qualified candidates.

Reason #3: Stop Wasting Money on Job Postings that Don't Work

I instantly hired better when I decided to change my job postings to attract the right people rather than a lot of people.

It worked so well that I didn’t need to spend piles of money on job postings, headhunters, or advertising.

There are plenty of qualified candidates available - you just have to attract them!

Reason #4: More Interview Questions Don't Give Better Results

I found out that asking the right questions gave a much better result than more questions.

I had a well designed set of behavioral interview questions when I started. And you can still use your existing questions if you want, but the ProfileXT gives you interview questions that are customized for the individual candidate compared to the specific job you are hiring for.

You don't need longer and more interviews, because asking the right questions gives you the insights you need to make the right decisions.

Reason #5: You Need Better Candidates, Not More

You don’t need more candidates.

When you have a hiring system that attracts the right candidates (because you know exactly what you are looking for), hiring becomes less stressful and more fun.

I can't guarantee that everyone you interview will be perfect for the job, but definitely, you don't need more candidates  just to hire one person.

Reason #6: Hiring The Right Person Is Better Than Hiring The Best Person

When I was hiring for my company, I advertised the position, interviewed and hired the best person I could find.

Then I realized the the best person I could find might not be the right person and they ended up leaving (or being fired) and I had to start all over again.

Or even worse... I kept them and wasted the time and energy it took to manage them just to get average or below average results.

How much time, energy, and money would you save if you knew that you could hire the right person instead of the best person?

Reason #7: It's Not About The Money

Don't make this mistake as many businesses do.

Many of them are trying to compete for good candidates in this difficult market where there are more jobs available than qualified candidates by continually offering more money.

This approach will kill your profitability and you'll end up feeling frustrated and helpless. Instead, find out what candidates really want and give it to them.

Hint: for most people money isn't the most important thing.

The ProfileXT Is Proven In Use For Twenty Years

Major Validation Studies


Organizations Have Used The ProfileXT



ProfileXT Assessments Administered

and the Superstar Hiring System makes it even better.

Here's Everything You Need To

Fill Your Company With Superstars

ProfileXT PRoduct Package

ProfileXT Assessments

Forget about high turnover, low productivity, and wasted management time.

The ProfileXT gives you a step-by-step process with a clear path to solving hiring problems by matching candidates to jobs.

With the ProfileXT and Superstar Hiring you can take immediate action and start hiring better in less than 24 hours.

Private Data Portal

Never ever wonder whether unconscious bias or candidate interviewing skill are influencing your decisions.

All of your data is kept in one place so it's easy to compare and select candidates... even if you haven't used a hiring assessment before.

ProfileXT Private Data Portal
ProfileXT Performance Models


Unlimited Job Success Patterns

Don't worry about what thinking style, behaviors, and motivations will make someone successful in any position.

Just send us the job description (or if you don't have one, the job title) and we'll send you the Job Success pattern for the job.

It's that easy!


Unlimited Training and Consulting

Not sure of how to get started or what to do?

That makes sense because you probably haven't used a hiring assessment before. But...

With the Superstar Hiring System you can take deep breath and relax because we provide all the training  and consulting you need to make sure you succeed.

Just use the system and start hiring better without a big learning curve.

Unlimited Training and Consulting(1)
How To Create Irresistable Offers


How To Create Irresistible Offers

Forget about candidates not accepting your offers.

My Irresistible Offers is a step-by-step process with case studies that shows you exactly how to find out what your candidate really wants.

You'll also get my creative strategies you can use to give them what they really want even if you are in a tightly controlled corporate environment with limited offer flexibility.

These easy steps will help you immediately take action and start hiring the perfect candidate in less than a week.


How To Attract Your Ideal Candidates

Now you can stop worrying about having enough qualified candidates.

Because finding them is hard.

Superstar Hiring make it easier for you. Just use this step-by-step system to fill your pipeline with candidates who are most likely to be successful when you hire them.

...even if you haven't had an oversupply of candidates before.

How To Attract Your Ideal Candidates
How To Create Irresistable Offers


Your Job Posting Written For You

When you take me up on my FREE offer within the next:

The timer has expired!

Forget about writing your first job posting yourself.

When you get started with the Superstar Hiring system and send us your job description, our team will write your job description for you so you can attract quality candidates withing 48 hours.

Warning: this Fast Action Bonus expires in less than two days, so take action now!

Hi, I'm Paul Endress...

… and I have hired hundreds of people without wasting time interviewing the wrong people.
I'm a business professional. Just like you.

I'm grateful I've had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients and share my expertise at dozens of state and national SHRM conferences during the past fifteen years.

My mission is to help everyone hire, develop, and retain high performing employees and teams without the stress and uncertainty of relying only on interviews and references.

Now I help companies of all sizes use my Superstar Hiring System to fill their organization with teams that love their work, work hard, and don't waste valuable management time.

Because in my opinion, this is the best strategy to hire top performing employees without wasting time in 2021 (and beyond).

National SHRM Speaker

Say Goodbye To...

Say goodbye to hiring surprises.

Say goodbye to hires that surprise you (for better or worse) after they are hired. Buckle up! Because when you use my Superstar Hiring System, you can hire top performers in record time - without any surprises.

 Say goodbye to endless interviews.

Use the customized interview questions generated by the ProfileXT to zoom in on potential problems without wasting time on a stream of generic questions that might not predict anything.

 Say goodbye to not finding enough qualified candidates.

Say goodbye to not having enough candidates in a competitive market. I'll show you how to attract and focus on the people who want to work for you and can use their natural talent to be successful.

Say goodbye to candidates not accepting your offer.

Say goodbye to the disappointment of not having your offer accepted after you have made your hiring decision. Eliminate the frustration of having to start over again after all of your hard work.

Simply follow the Irresistible Offer system and hire your preferred candidate - even if someone else is offering more money.

Say goodbye to frustration and desperation.

Say goodbye to frustration of finding and hiring the right person for every job. Join the HR and business professionals use the Superstar Hiring System fill their companies with high performing teams.

Now is the time...

Stop the Frustration…
And Start Hiring Superstars:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Superstar Hiring for?

The toolkit is specifically designed for business professionals who want to hire top performing employees for every job and don't want to waste time with endless advertising and interviews.

How is this different from other assessments

It's not just and assessment - it's a complete system that shows you how to attract quality candidates and hire them.

Use it to help you solve hiring problems in as little as a few days.

I don't have much hiring experience. Will this work for me?

YES, when I first started I had experience but it was mostly bad so having experience wasn't a benefit.

The training and consulting included in the system will make sure you have success not matter your level of past hiring experience.

I can tell tell you: IT WORKS!

I'm an HR professional with years of experience. Why should I try this?

YES, YES, YES! Because my professional HR clients and SHRM seminar attendees all have years of experience that they leverage for even better results.

Warning: you might have to "unlearn" some things you have been doing, but as soon as you see the first results, you'll tell everyone you know.

HR Strategies Today is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes use the latest advances in technology and psychology to hire, develop, and retain high performing employees and teams.

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