What If You Could Predict Who Will Succeed And Who Will Fail...

Before You Hire Them?

How Would It Feel If New Employees Effortlessly Fit Into Their Job And Your Organization?

The ProfileXT Makes Hiring Top Performers Possible

About The ProfileXT ®

The ProfileXT® is an internet based, validated, assessment that uses unique Performance Model technology to measure how well an individual fits specific jobs in your organization.

The ProfileXT is not a simple "personality test" that compares the candidate to some unknown generic standard... it uses three proven methods to evaluate an individual relative to the qualities required to successfully perform in a specific job in your company.

Because the ProfileXT combines two decades of research with advances in modern psychology and technology it gives you critical insight into the thinking style, behaviors, and motivations of candidates.

The ProfileXT generates easy-to-read reports to help your managers interview and select people who have the highest probability of being successful in a role, and provides practical recommendations for coaching them to maximum performance.

The insights provided by the ProfileXT give you information that can't be obtained using traditional interviews and resumes and allows you to hire the best candidate for any position whether you are recruiting from outside or promoting from within.

Combine the ProfileXT with our expertise to solve your hiring and retention challenges and create a highly productive and engaged workforce.

ProfileXT Hiring Assessment

How Much Is Bad Hiring Costing You?

The ProfileXT Costs Far Less!

The Cost of Bad Hiring

Maybe your hiring is not what you would call "bad"... perhaps you do pretty good, but you suspect that you could do better. We agree, it is always possible to do better, and the good news is that the Profile XT costs you absolutely nothing to use!

That doesn't mean that you don't have to make an investment... you do. What it means is that the return on investment so easily outweighs the cost of the product, that you actually make a profit with each one you use.

Of course, every company is different, but our experience shows us that if we can save you just one bad hire out of a hundred, you can add extra profit dollars directly to your bottom line without adding a single dollar of sales to your top line. And end the wasted management time and frustration caused by turnover.

Think about it... with each Profile XT you use, you add profit directly to your bottom line. And the Profile XT works in every industry, for entry level and executive positions, and in both good and bad economies. Day and night, it works silently in the background to ensure that you hire and promote the candidates that are most likely to become the superstars in your organization.

Here's A Cost of Turnover Calculator From SHRM.

3 Simple Steps To Using The ProfileXT

The ProfileXT® uses proven Job Fit technology to add objective, reliable, and accurate information to your existing hiring process to show you how well a candidate fits specific jobs in your company.

Use it to confidently hire, manage, and retain productive employees so you can build and engage a high-performing workforce that drives results and makes your life easier.

The Profile XT is internet based and uses an easy-to-administer three step process to reveal information that can make the difference between success and failure in your hiring.

Here are three easy steps to make the Profile XT work for you:

Describe The Job

Each model is specific to the exact position in your company. No generic "one size fits all" models are used. As part of our free consulting services, we will build your first models for you while you learn how to do it for yourself.

Send A Link

Administer the Profile XT to the candidate. Simply give them a link and they can complete it at their convenience. Want to try it for yourself right now?

Use The Interview Questions

Easy-to-understand Profile XT reports compare the candidate to the Performance Model and provide you with interview questions customized to the candidate and the position. Want to check out a sample report? Click here.

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The ProfileXT Performance Model

Is A Snapshot of The Preferred Traits Of A Job

A Job Description Is A Good Start

But It's Not Enough To Hire A Top Performer

Job descriptions and KPI's are a good start for hiring a top performer, but they're not enough to predict success.

If you have ever experienced the frustration of inconsistent hiring results, it might be because experience, education, and references are only part of what is needed to predict whether someone will be a top performer.

To solve this problem, the PXT Select uses proprietary Performance Model technology to analyze the thinking style, behaviors, and interests that make someone a good fit for a position.

You can easily compare any candidate to the Performance Model for any position to find their overall fit as well as their specific strengths and challenges compared to the job they are being considered for.

How could this insight could improve your hiring decisions?

ProfileXT Performance Model