ProfileXT®  Reports

The Profile XT hiring assessment includes a full range of reports so you can select, develop, and retain a high performing workforce.

ProfileXT Reports

Performance Model Comparison

This is the primary hiring report for the ProfileXT.

The report compares the candidate to perthe  reflects the responses provided by Sally Sample when she completed the ProfileXT assessment. The result for each characteristic is illustrated on a scale from 1 to 10. The darker area on each scale represents the best Job Match for the position. The enlarged segment of the scale shows where Sally scored. If the enlarged segment is dark, Sally is in the Job Match model. If it is lighter, she is not. Information about Sally is reported in these four categories:

Profile for Thinking Style – Learning Index, Verbal Skill, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Ability, and Numeric Reasoning.

Profile for Behavioral Traits – Energy Level, Assertiveness,   Sociability, Manageability, Attitude, Decisiveness, Accommodating, Independence, and Objective Judgment.

Profile for Interests – Enterprising, Financial/Administrative, People Service, Technical, Mechanical, and Creative.

The Total Person & Management Considerations – Description of Sally as a person and how to most effectively maximize her potential.

Note: Additional considerations are displayed when Sally falls outside your Performance Mode

ProfileXT Candidate Maatching Report Sample

Candidate Matching

This report provides a comparison of multiple candidates to a Performance Model. This information will help organize your interviews when more than one candidate is being considered for the same job.
Used for hiring.

ProfileXT Interview Guide Sample

Interview Guide

The interview questions provided are based on how well the Candidate fits the Performance Model. Where she is outside the model the questions will take the interviewer into areas where potentially important information will be addressed. Each question should be considered for use in her placement interview.

Used for hiring.

ProfileXT Reports

Performance Model Analysis

This report describes the employee whose scores are within the indicated range for each scale. The Scale Description provides insight into the meaning of each scale and will help you understand this employee relative to the scores on each scale.