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Describe The Job

Simply upload a job description and we'll create a Performance Model that reflects the thinking style, behaviors, and interests needed to be successful in the job.

Send A Link

Next, email your candidate a link.

They simply click the link and complete the PXT Select online from any device.

Use The Questions

You are instantly sent customized interview questions and what to listen for in the answers.

Use these targeted questions to explore their individual strengths and challenges compared to the job.

PXT Select Reports

Use The PXT Select  FREE  With Your Next Hire!

The best way to find out if the PXT Select is right for you and your organization is to try it for free with your next hire. Just click the button and we'll take care of everything!

No Cost. No Obligation. It's our way of introducing you to the PXT Select.

The PXT Select Solves These Problems

Find More Qualified Employment Candidates

Not Enough Qualified Candidates

If you have ever struggled to find qualified candidates, the PXT Select can help!

Without a doubt, this is the biggest challenge faced by organizations in the new decade. There are no longer enough qualified candidates available for the number of jobs available.

We can help you solve this problem by using the PXT Select Performance Model for any position to write a job posting that will attract qualified candidates because the job you are describing perfectly matches their behaviors, interests, and motivations.

What To Ask In The Interview

Interviewing takes practice and experience, but most hiring managers only interview a few times each year.

Even experienced HR professionals can benefit from the targeted interview questions generated by the PXT Select when it compares a candidate to the requirements of the job.

You can still use your existing process and questions, just add the PXT Select interview questions to make sure you explore all of the potential strengths and weaknesses that will impact the success of the candidate.

PXT Select Intervew Questions
Engage and Retain Top Performers

Employee Engagement and Retention

Even better than hiring high quality new people is keeping the ones you already have!

Unfortunately, your best people are the ones who are most likely to leave because they are highly qualified and being recruited by your competitors.

The PXT Select can help you retain existing top performers by providing team optimization, coaching advice, career pathing  and succession planning. It's the first complete employee lifecycle assessment and everything is included.

Expect These Benefits From The PXT Select

Make Your Life Easier and Your Business More Profitable

Slash Costly Turnover

As you know, sourcing, recruiting, hiring, and training is more expensive than ever before, so it's critically important to reduce turnover by making sure that every hire fits their position.

PXT Select Job fit technology reduces turnover because when someone "fits" their job, they don't think about leaving and they become impervious to headhunters – even if they are offered more money.

And... they work harder, are more productive, and don't waste management time.

Use The PXT Select To Reduce Turnover

Solve People Problems

People are complex and challenging to manage, aren’t they?

Fortunately, the PXT Select can help. Coaching and Management reports which reveal how to best manage each person in your organization are built-in.

Use them to help managers to get off to a strong start with new employees or to improve their relationship with individuals they are already managing.

Create Outstanding Teams

What if you could predict how well someone will fit into an existing team – or solve current team problems?

The PXT Select Team Report will help your team leaders and team members understand their similarities and differences so they can address the group’s dynamics in a constructive way.

The Team Report is included at no cost, and can also be used for planning and selection to see how a new team member might affect team dynamics.

PXT Select Improves Team Performance
Identify Future Leaders

Build Leadership Strength

The PXT Select Leadership Report gives you invaluable insight into a candidate’s leadership potential and their approach to meeting leadership challenges.

It helps hiring managers understand how a candidate leads by revealing an individual’s key characteristics and their personal strengths and challenges as they relate to six universal Leadership Skills.

Featuring tailored questions and tips on ‘what to listen for’ with each candidate, this report gives you a meaningful edge in selecting your next leaders.

Make Everyone Better

Want to get the most out of everyone?

The best way is to take advantage of the natural strengths of each person while minimizing any problems created by their natural behaviors.

Unfortunately, few managers have the training and experience needed to to do this. Many times managers know that something is wrong, but they don’t know what it is.

To solve this problem, the PXT Select creates customized coaching advice that can be used by any manager to solve challenges and take advantage of natural strengths… and get the most out of everyone.

PXT Select Reports

Use The PXT Select  FREE  With Your Next Hire!

The best way to find out if the PXT Select is right for you and your organization is to try it for free with your next hire. Just click the button and we'll take care of everything!

Take Advantage Of Our Five Star Service

You Are Busy, So We Take Care Of Everything  For You

"Done For You" Service

Getting started with the PXT Select is fast and easy.

All you need to do is upload a job description and we will turn it into a Performance Model and send you a link you can give to your candidate(s).

Once the results are in we'll send you the reports with the customized interview questions and follow up with a call to answer your questions and share our insights based upon our experience.

And... if you prefer to dive in and "do it yourself", or "learn as you go", we'll be glad to give you the training and resources you need.

Done For You Service
Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance

The HR Strategies team has been working with hiring assessments and the PXT Select for over a decade and we have served both for profit and non profit organizations ranging in size from 10 to 40,000 employees.

This gives us an unmatched level of expertise not only in using assessments in the hiring process, and also in hiring strategies in general.

As part of our five start service program, our expertise is always available to our clients at no additional cost. Our goal is to always make sure you hire the best person possible for every job.

Resources and Support

The PXT Select is one part of a successful hiring process, and we have resources, training, and consulting available to help you with your entire process.

The HR Strategies team is led by nationally known expert, Paul Endress, who has spoken at dozens of SHRM events and helped organizations of all sizes use the latest advances in psychology and technology to optimize their hiring strategies.

National SHRM Speaker

   The PXT Select Is The First
Complete Employee Lifecycle System

Data collected by the PXT Select can be used during the entire employee lifecycle not just for hiring.


All successful hiring starts with accurately understanding the requirements of the job.

This includes traditional predictors of success such as education and experience as well as the harder to measure thinking style, behaviors, and interests.


Once a Performance Model has been created, a job posting that will attract your perfect candidates can be created using the insights from the Performance Model.


Use the PXT Select Job Fit and customized interview questions features to understand and explore the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate.

PXT Select Used For Employee Lifecycle


The PXT Select uses the same data used in the the selection process to create Individual Feedback and Coaching reports that give managers insights so they can manage the new team member in ways that use their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.


Because managing is a daily activity, the Manager/ Employee report compares the natural behaviors of the manager and the employee and provides actionable management advice based upon the relationship.

Develop and Retain

The career development and succession planning reports give you objective information about how to maximize each team member's contribution to the organization.

PXT Select Reports

Use The PXT Select  FREE  With Your Next Hire!

The best way to find out if the PXT Select is right for you and your organization is to try it for free with your next hire. Just click the button and we'll take care of everything!

PXT Select Reports

Each Of These PXT Select Reports Are Included At No Additional Cost

A unique feature of the PXT Select system is that, once a person has completed the assessment and been scored, any of these reports can be generated for that person at no additional cost.

Comprehensive Selection Report

Comprehensive Selection Report

Use for: Hiring

The PXT Select™ Comprehensive Selection Report is the main report you will use for candidate selection.  When considering a potential hire, always start with this report because it provides an easy-to-read and thorough view of the candidate data.

The report is organized into three main parts: Candidate Fit, information about the Performance Model, and customized Interview Questions.

Everything is explained in plain text, so there is no interpretation needed beyond the report itself. Although we can never tell you whether to hire or not hire someone, HR Strategies Today is available to discuss any result.
PXT Select Sales Comprehensive Selection Report

Sales Selection Report

Use for: Sales Hiring

Designed specifically for sales positions, the Sales Selection Report gives you the same comprehensive analysis and customized interview questions tailored for sales positions. It also includes these additional critical sales practices:

Prospecting - Strategizing, seeking out and creating opportunities to engage with potential clients.
Initiating Contact - Taking the steps necessary to make the initial introduction with the client.
Building and Maintaining Relationships - Creating and establishing a connection with a client.
Closing the Sale - Transitioning from discussing the client's needs to completing the transaction.
Self Starting - Taking the initiative to to identify and undertake the work necessary to achieve results.
Resourcefulness - Identify and strategizing ways to maximize resources in order to attain goals.
PXT Select Leadership Report

Leadership Report

Use for: Hiring, coaching, development

One of the challenges of identifying leaders with the potential for success in your organization is looking beyond their job experience to truly understand the approach they will take to guiding their teams and shaping their organizations.

The PXT Select™ Leadership Report uses and individual’s PXT Select results to shed light on these six leadership skills and provide insight into how the candidate might confront the complexities of a leadership role.

Creating a Vision
Developing Strategies
Mentoring Others
Ensuring Results
Inspiring People
Being Approachable
PXT Select Manager-Employee Report

Manager / Employee Report

Use for: Hiring, coaching, development, problem solving

The Manager-Employee Report compares an individual’s results on the Behavioral Traits scales with those of a particular manager.

It helps build an understanding of how the manager approaches the job of supervising others and how an employee prefers to be managed, allowing the manager and employee to build a more effective relationship.

The report is frequently used as an onboarding or coaching tool to help the manager and employee work more effectively together.

Managers often use this to get off to a strong start with new employees or to improve their relationship with individuals they are already managing.

PXT Select Coaching Report

Coaching Report

Use for: Hiring, coaching, development, problem solving

The Coaching Report provides an individual’s assessment results as well as insights and coaching tips about how he or she may approach different aspects of the position.

Use this report for a “deeper dive” into how the person will perform in the position as well as advice on how to manage them in ways that will compensate for any challenges they may have meeting the requirements of the position.

PXT Select Team Report

Team Report

Use for: Hiring, coaching, development, problem solving

The Team Report helps team leaders and team members understand and address the group’s dynamics in a constructive way.

The report compare the behavioral traits of multiple employees and provides narrative feedback about what those results may mean for a team.

It is designed so that each team member can receive a personalized report, with the feedback written to him or her, rather than a single team report where the narrative is written solely to the manager.

The report can be used in the selection process to see how a new employee might affect team dynamics, and it’s often used for onboarding or development, to help the members of a team understand their similarities and differences.

PXT Select Reports

Use The PXT Select  FREE  With Your Next Hire!

The best way to find out if the PXT Select is right for you and your organization is to try it for free with your next hire. Just click the button and we'll take care of everything!

Who Uses The PXT Select?

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More Details About The PXT Select

Here Are Additional Features Included In The PXT Select System

Private data portal. All of your test results are available to you at any time.
Unlimited users. You can have multiple users and administrators at no cost.
Security groups. Easily control who can see data and administer the system.
Multiple business units. The system can be adapted to the needs of your organization.
Free, automatic, upgrades. The system is updated in the background as it is improved. You will always be using the latest version.
Fast set up. We can have you set up and using the PXT Select in less than a day.
Third generation technology. The PXT Select is built upon twenty years of user experience.
Extensive validation studies. Ensure reliable results.
Adaptive testing technology. The questions asked by the PXT Select change and adapt to the person being tested to reduce the number of questions asked.
Completely web based. No need to install or maintain anything.
Complete reporting system. Thirteen reports included at no additional cost.
Training and certification available. We can either do everything for you or teach you how to do it. Your choice!

Test Your Next Hire For FREE.

Find out how the PXT Select can work for you and your organization.

When To Use The PXT Select

The PXT Select Adds Additional Objective Information To Your Existing Process

There is no need to change your existing hiring system.

The largest companies add the PXT Select to the very beginning of their hiring process and have candidates complete it as part of the initial application process because it helps to remove subjectivity from the initial selection process.

But, for budget reasons, most companies use the PXT Select between the first interview and the second interview.

This means that that you will use only between two and five assessments per hire at an investment of only a few hundred dollars - a great investment compared to the cost of a bad hire.

PXT Select Pricing

The PXT Select costs less than one bad hire for one day.

Employee Sleeping

Real Employee - Not An Actor

Meet Bill

Bill wasn’t exactly a “bad” employee, it’s just that he was very inconsistent and didn't get along well with others, and these aren't good qualities in a salesperson.

And... after he was hired, he developed a reputation as being “negative" – the type of person who always saw what was wrong with a situation and why things wouldn’t work.

We thought that Bill would be a superstar at sales because he had years of experience and a good track record, but he wasn't - at least not for us.

It's our experience with Bill that led us to use the PXT Select with every hire because the cost of hiring and training him was far more than the investment in a few assessments.

PXT Select Reports

Use The PXT Select For FREE With Your Next Hire!

The best way to find out if the PXT Select is right for you and your organization is to try it for free with your next hire. Just click the button and we'll take care of everything!

HR Strategies Today is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes use the latest advances in technology and psychology to hire, develop, and retain high performing employees and teams.

PXT Select Partner

PXT Select™ is a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All rights reserved.
HR Strategies Today / Maximum Advantage is a PXT Select certified partner.

Paul Endress is a PXT Select Certified Professional

Because of the variety of factors involved in a successful hire, no assessment including the PXT Select, can accurately predict all hiring outcomes and should never be more than 30% of your hiring decision. Our testimonials are representative composite comments from many clients.


Job fit is how an individual aligns with the requirements of the job and the culture of the organization using their natural thinking style, behaviors, and interests.

The PXT Select helps you to establish Job Fit so you can identify and place individuals in positions where they are most likely to be successful.

PXT Select Job Fit


See For Yourself How The PXT Select Enables You To Hire Better - Faster

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PXT Select ™ Performance Models

A PXT Select Performance Model Is A Snapshot of the Preferred Traits for a Given Job

PXT Select Performance Model Example

Each person and position is unique, so the PXT Select Performance model provides an easy way to compare any person to any job.

The PXT Select Performance Model shows the position’s ranges for each of the Thinking Style (cognitive abilities) and Behavioral Traits scales. For example, it indicates whether the job calls for a more urgent pace or a steadier pace.

When reviewing a candidate’s PXT Select™ assessment results, you will quickly be able to see whether the candidate falls within or outside the range for the position.

The Performance Model puts a candidate’s scores into the context of what is required to be successful in the position.


PXT Select™ Interview Questions

The PXT Select Creates Customized Interview Questions For Each Candidate

Use PXT Select generated interview questions to get real insights from every interview.

PXT Select Customized Interview Questions

If you have ever felt like candidates knew the answers to your questions before you ask, you're not alone.

To solve this problem, when the PXT Select compares a candidate to a Performance Model it automatically generates interview questions that are customized for the candidate and the position.

Questions they won't be prepared for.

Simply add these customized questions to your existing interview process and explore potential strengths and challenges in ways that give you real insights.

And… to make sure you get the deep insight you need for a successful hire, every interview question also tells you what to listen for when the candidate answers. It's like having an expert coach by your side!