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How To Use The PXT Select To
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know the job

Sometimes hiring managers and recruiters aren't exactly sure about the job requirements of a specific position. The PXT Select can help!

Our library of performance models helps everyone get on the same page so they know exactly who they’re looking for, and the traits required to be successful in the role.



know the candidate

Without the right  data, making objective hiring decisions can be daunting.

The PXT Select gives you data driven candidate insights to help managers assess how well candidates fit the thinking style, behaviors, and interests of the job so they can make better talent decisions.



know the fit

Hiring the wrong person is risky and expensive.

With our unique Job Fit feature, we help you to objectively compare candidates against a proven performance model to understand how well they fit the job requirements.



know your people

Hiring the right person is challenging and setting them up for long term success requires planning and information.

Our full suite of reports provides a path to optimizing your workforce. Engage your workforce by helping managers onboard, coach, and develop their people to their full potential.

PXT Select Group of Reports

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How The PXT Select Will Benefit Your Organization

Slash Costly Turnover

As you know, sourcing, recruiting, hiring, and training is more expensive than ever before, so it's critically important to reduce turnover by making sure that every hire fits their position.

PXT Select Job fit technology reduces turnover because when someone "fits" their job, they don't think about leaving and they become impervious to headhunters – even if they are offered more money.

And... they work harder, are more productive, and don't waste management time.

Increase Productivity

You know from experience that someone who fits their job is more productive because their responsibilities match their natural behaviors and the work is easier and less stressful for them.

Research reveals that employees who are well matched to their jobs are 2.5 times more productive on the job - and that the higher the level of job, the greater the gain in productivity.

Solve People Problems

People are complex and challenging to manage, aren’t they?

Fortunately, the PXT Select can help. Coaching and Management reports which reveal how to best manage each person in your organization are built-in.

Use these reports to help managers to get off to a strong start with new employees or to improve their relationship with individuals they are already managing.

PXT Select Group of Reports

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How The PXT Select Works

Third Generate Technology Adds Digital Data To Your Hiring Process

The PXT Select compares your candidate(s) to the thinking style, behaviors, and interests that are most likely to make them successful in the job you are hiring for.

Describe The Job

 Just upload a job description and we'll create a Performance Model that reflects the thinking style, behaviors, and interests needed to be successful in the job.

Send A Link

Next, email your candidate(s) a link or include it as part of your application process.

They simply click the link and complete the PXT Select online from any device.

Use The Results

You are instantly sent reports that reveal their strengths and weaknesses compared to the job along with customized interview questions and what to listen for in the answers.

Use these targeted questions to explore their individual strengths and challenges compared to the job.

Example of a candidate compared to a performance model.

How We Will Help You

You Are Busy, So We Take Care Of Everything  For You

Five Star Service

Adding the PXT Select to your existing hiring process is fast and easy.

You can leverage our expertise and we can be involved in the process as much or as little as you prefer.

This means that our service can range from "done for you" to "done with you", to "do it yourself".

Which ever level you prefer, we are here to advise and help in any way you need.

Done For You Service
Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance

The HR Strategies team has been working with hiring assessments for over a decade and we have served both for profit and non profit organizations ranging in size from 10 to 40,000 employees.

This gives us an unmatched level of expertise in both using assessments in the hiring process, and hiring strategies in general.

As part of our five star service program, our expertise is always available to our clients at no additional cost.

Our goal is to always make sure you hire the right person for every job.

Resources and Support

The PXT Select assessment is one part of a successful hiring process, and we have resources, training, and consulting available to help you with your entire process.

The HR Strategies team is led by nationally known expert, Paul Endress, who has spoken at dozens of SHRM events and helped organizations of all sizes use the latest advances in psychology and technology to optimize their hiring strategies.

National SHRM Speaker
PXT Select Group of Reports

Find Out More About The PXT Select Now!

Try it for FREE
Sample reports for your review
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PXT Select™ Features

Here Are Four Of The PXT Select's Most Powerful Features

PXT Select Reports

The PXT Select includes a full suite of reports you can use for every phase of the employee life cycle at no additional cost.

Job Fit Technology

The PXT SelectJob Fit percentage indicates how well a candidate aligns with the position’s Performance Model as a whole.

Performance Models

The PXT Select Performance Model shows the position’s target ranges for each of the Thinking Style (cognitive abilities) and Behavioral Traits scale. It puts the candidate's results into context.

Adaptive Testing

Adaptive testing technology automatically adjusts the questions asked to each individual candidate. This means that the next item presented to the candidate depends on the test taker's responses to the most recent items administered and results in a much improved candidate experience.

PXT Select
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HR Strategies Today is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes use the latest advances in technology and psychology to hire, develop, and retain high performing employees and teams.

PXT Select Partner

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HR Strategies Today / Maximum Advantage is a PXT Select certified partner.

Paul Endress is a PXT Select Certified Professional

Because of the variety of factors involved in a successful hire, no assessment including the PXT Select, can accurately predict all hiring outcomes and should never be more than 30% of your hiring decision. Our testimonials are representative composite comments from many clients.

About PXT Select Job Fit

An Overview Of How Well The Candidate Matches The Preferred Traits For A Job

The PXT SelectJob Fit percentage indicates how well a candidate aligns with the position’s Performance Model as a whole.

PXT Select Job Fit

Looking at a candidate’s fit compared to the expectations of the job can help a hiring manager determine what to ask in the next interview.

For example, when a candidate is outside one of the desired ranges, the hiring manager may want to consider how soon the candidate will need to demonstrate proficiency in that particular area or what types of opportunities the position allows for the candidate to adapt and/or refine behavior. The hiring manager may also want to use the interview questions to gather more information from the candidate and see how the individual has learned to adapt in this area in the past.

Although Overall Job Fit is an important piece of information, it should never be used as the sole data point in deciding whether to hire someone.


The PXT Select Performance Model Explained

The PXT Select Performance Model shows the position’s target ranges for each of the Thinking Style (cognitive abilities) and Behavioral Traits scales.

For example, it indicates whether the job calls for someone who can understand and process moderately complex language.

PXT Select Performance Model Example

Essentially, the Performance Model puts a candidate’s scores into the context of what is required to be successful in the position so each candidate is compared to the Performance Model for the position they are applying for.

The PXT Select has an expanding library of proven Performance Models you can put to use immediately as well as the flexibility to create customized Performance Models specific to a particular job in an organization.

In addition, any model can be quickly customized to reflect the unique culture of your organization.

Best of all? We create any Performance Models you need for you at no cost!


About PXT Select Interview Questions

The PXT Select Creates Customized Interview Questions For Each Candidate

If you have ever felt like candidates knew what questions you were going to ask before you ask, you're not alone.

To solve this problem, when the PXT Select compares a candidate to a Performance Model it automatically generates interview questions that are customized for the candidate and the position.

Simply add these customized questions to your existing interview process and explore their potential strengths and challenges in ways that give you real insights.

And… to make sure you get the deep insight you need for a successful hire, every interview question also tells you what to listen for when the candidate answers.

PXT Select Customized Interview Questions

In this example, the assessment results indicate that the candidate tends to make decisions in a more factual manner than the position calls for.

It's possible that this behavior could be the difference between success and failure and you may not have thought to ask about it other parts of the interview.

Use this information and these interview questions to explore this potential problem with the candidate and use the "listen for" advice to evaluate the responses you get.

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