PXT Select™ Distortion

The PXT Select Distortion Warning Indicates That A Candidate May Not Have Been Candid

When participating in an interview or completing an assessment, some candidates may answer in a way that is socially desirable or they think makes them look better or increases their likelihood of being hired, rather than respond candidly and risk disapproval.

In other words, they may “distort” their responses.

The PXT Select™ flags instances when it’s possible that a candidate may not have been completely candid in responding to the assessment.

Although it’s useful to know whether distortion was likely, it cannot be detected with absolute certainty. Therefore, a report of “distortion” should never be treated as absolutely certain. Instead, the possibility of distortion is flagged so that the hiring manager can place extra emphasis on the interview to assess whether the candidate’s experiences align with their assessment results.

A statement about distortion will appear in many of the PXT Select reports.  If distortion is not detected, some reports will still explain what distortion is but state that it wasn’t detected for the candidate.

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