PXT Select™ Job Fit Percentage

An Overview Of How Well The Candidate Matches The Preferred Traits For A Job

The PXT SelectJob Fit percentage indicates how well a candidate aligns with the position’s Performance Model as a whole.

The Overall Fit that is reported can range from 25 percent to 95 percent. Although the PXT Select calculates ranges from 1 percent to 100 percent, values below 25 percent and above 95 percent tend to be too extreme to be useful and don’t really help predict greater or less success on the job.

The Overall Fit percentage is derived from the fit calculations for Thinking Style, Behavioral Traits, and Interests. The relative weighting of each section is: 40 percent for Thinking Style, 40 percent for Behavioral Traits, and 20 percent for Interests.

PXT Select Job Fit

Looking at a candidate’s fit compared to the expectations of the job will help you determine what additional information may be required.

For example, when a candidate is outside one of the desired ranges, the hiring manager may want to consider how soon the candidate will need to demonstrate proficiency in that particular area or what types of opportunities the position allows for the candidate to adapt and/or refine behavior. The hiring manager may also want to use the interview questions to gather more information from the candidate and see how the individual has learned to adapt in this area in the past.

Although Overall Job Fit is an important piece of information, it should never be used as the sole data point in deciding whether to hire someone.

We recommend the assessment results serve as no more than one-third of the overall decision to place a candidate.

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Because of the variety of factors involved in a successful hire, no assessment including the PXT Select, can accurately predict all hiring outcomes and should never be more than 30% of your hiring decision. Our testimonials are representative composite comments from many clients.