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The PXT Select doesn't just match candidates with job requirements - it goes one step further. 

By comparing a candidate's unique skills, traits, and abilities to your specific job criteria, the PXT Select™ creates customized interview questions tailored to each individual.

Use PXT Select Generated Interview Questions To
Get Real Insights From Every Interview

If you have ever felt like candidates knew the answers to your questions before you ask, you're not alone.

To solve this problem, when the PXT Select compares a candidate to a Performance Model and automatically generates interview questions that are customized for the candidate and the position.

Questions they won't be prepared for.

Simply add these customized questions to your existing interview process and explore the candidate's potential strengths and challenges in ways that give you real insights.

And… to make sure you get the deep insight you need for a successful hire, every interview question also tells you what to listen for when the candidate answers.

It's like having an expert coach by your side!

ProfileXT provides customized interview questions

Customized Interview Questions Example

PXT Select Customized Interview Questions

In this example, the assessment results reveal that the candidate leans towards factual decision-making, more so than what is ideally needed for this role. 

This distinction is an important subtlety that could easily slip by unnoticed using only a resume and conventional interview, yet might make all the difference between success and failure. 

Use this information and these interview questions to explore this potential problem with the candidate and use the "listen for" advice to evaluate the responses you get.

Maximize Your Hiring Potential with Deeper Insights

Have you ever made a hiring decision that seemed great initially, but as time went on, you discovered issues and gaps that were overlooked during the hiring process?

We all have!

Traditional interviews have limitations. While they may be effective at measuring a candidate's basic competencies and skills, they rarely delve into the intricacies of a candidate's cognitive capabilities, behavior traits, and personal interests. 

These are critical components in predicting job performance and overall compatibility with your company culture and the specific demands of the role, but are almost impossible to uncover using a traditional interview.

The PXT Select™ transforms this scenario, offering a revolutionary approach to hiring. 

It assesses not just what a candidate can do, but who they truly are. It equips you with a detailed analysis that standard interviews may not reveal. By using the PXT Select, you're not just interviewing - you're investing in a comprehensive understanding of your potential hires, setting your team up for sustained success.

With PXT Select™, you can navigate the hidden depths of your candidates' potential to uncover their strengths, weaknesses, and how well they align with the demands of the specific job. 

Add the data-driven approach of the PXT Select to your existing hiring process to revolutionize your team-building and significantly reduce the risks and costs of unsuccessful hires. 

Embrace the power of PXT Select™, and make every hiring decision an informed and confident one.

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