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Leadership is about much more than credentials, titles, or seniority and every individual has a unique approach to leading and managing others.

The PXT Select Leadership report illustrates six essential leadership capabilities along with actionable information to help you interview, hire, and develop the right leaders for your organization.

Grounded in validated research and data, the PXT Select Leadership report elevates the hiring and selection process for leadership positions at all levels and in all industries, and can also be used for onboarding, coaching, and leadership development.

Use It In The Hiring Process

Use the PXT Select Leadership report to compare candidates to six universal leadership skills and use the customized leadership related interview questions to explore their strengths and challenges so that you can make a more informed hiring decision.

Think about the leadership styles and characteristics that will work best in your organization and how well this candidate compares to what is right for you and your company.

We recommend this for both external candidates and internal candidates you are considering any position that requires leadership skills.

PXT Select Intervew Questions
Engage and Retain Top Performers

Use It In The Development Process

The PXT Select Leadership report is perfect for developing existing or potential leaders because it reveals how they are likely to behave and their strengths and weaknesses for each of the six key leadership skills.

How can you use their strengths? What additional responsibilities can you give them that will use their leadership strengths to challenge and reward them while they benefit the organization?

How do their challenges impact their work? Use the interview questions as the basis for a discussion. Focus on one or two skills and rather than expecting a large behavioral change, consider how you can encourage and reward them for small changes that have a big impact over time.

   The Six Key Leadership Skills Revealed By The
PXT Select Leadership Report

Creating A Vision

Leaders who excel at creating a vision imagine new ideas, and innovations for the future.

The think big and redefine what's possible for their team, their organization, and their industry.

Developing Strategies

Developing ideas is about transforming goals and ideas into action plans that are both innovative and achievable.

To do this, leaders leaders must understand their organizations' unique resources and challenges, and, when necessary be agents of change.

Ensuring Results

Leaders who ensure results implement organizational priorities and make sure tjeu get carried out accurately and efficiently.

They set the pace of work and establish expectations of quality.

Inspiring People

Creating clarity and unity around ideas is the core of inspiring people.

Effective leaders communicate with contagious enthusiasm for new endeavors, and they convince peers, superiors, and subordinates of the merits of their cause or line of reasoning.

Being Approachable

By being approachable, leaders empower their team members to come forward to get clarification, address concerns, and present ideas.

They are open to feedback and build morale by making others feel heard.

Mentoring Others

Effective leaders know that mentoring others is an investment in the future of the organization.

They help team members develop their skills, connections, and confidence to do their jobs more effectively, growing the next generation of leaders in the process.

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Job fit is how an individual aligns with the requirements of the job and the culture of the organization using their natural thinking style, behaviors, and interests.

The PXT Select helps you to establish Job Fit so you can identify and place individuals in positions where they are most likely to be successful.

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