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Manager - Employee Report

Optimize Hiring New Employees And Managing Existing Employees

About The Manager Employee Report

This report is designed to compare a manager to an employee, not two employees to each other.

The Manager-Employee Report compares an individual’s results on the Behavioral Traits scales with those of a particular manager.

It helps build an understanding of how the manager approaches the job of supervising others and how an employee prefers to be managed, allowing the manager and employee to build a more effective relationship.

The report is frequently used as an onboarding or coaching tool to help the manager and employee work more effectively together.

Managers often use this to get off to a strong start with new employees or to improve their relationship with individuals they are already managing.

It compares the individual’s results to the manager’s in graph and narrative form.
Feedback is written to the manager.
Results focus solely on Behavioral Traits, which are defined in the report.

How To Generate The Report

The Report Requires That Both A Manager and A Subordinate Have Completed The PXT Select

Once someone has completed the PXT Select and been scored, they don’t need to retake the assessment and there is no additional cost to include them in this (or any other) report.

Use The Report For

Maximize the return on your PXT Select investment.


Use the Manager- Employee report during your hiring process to see how the candidate and their manager will interact with each other.

Sometimes a mismatched manager / employee relationship can create conflict and frustration that causes the employee to look for another job.

You can use this report to alert yourself and the manager to any potential problems and consider them during the hiring process.

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Once a hiring decision has been made provide the Coaching report and Manager - Employee report to the new manager prior to the start date off the new employee. The manager can review these reports so that they are familiar with the new employee and plan how to best manage them.

We do not recommend that you share the reports with the employee. If you want to share a report with the employee, the Individual Feedback report is designed for this purpose.

Help A Manager Become A Coach

Optimizing A Relationship

Want to get the most out of everyone?

The best way is to take advantage of the natural strengths of each person while minimizing any problems created by their natural behaviors.

Unfortunately, few managers have the training and experience needed to to do this. Many times managers know that something is wrong, but they don’t know what it is.

To solve this problem, use the Manager-Employee report customized coaching advice that can be used by any manager to solve challenges and take advantage of natural strengths… and get the most out of everyone.

How To Use The Report

Use It For Both Hiring and Coaching

Review the summary on page 2

This summary is different from the hiring and coaching reports in two ways: it only includes the Behavioral Traits scales and it also places the manager on each scale, along with the employee or candidate.

This summary graph gives you a visual comparison of the behavioral characteristics of the manager and the employee, so you can quickly see where they are alike and where they are different. It’s important to remember that being different is not necessarily bad because the behaviors of the manager and employee might offset each other and create a strong team.

Example: If an employee is more outgoing than their manager, it makes sense to assign tasks and responsibilities that require more a more outgoing approach. At the same time this difference in sociability might cause friction between the employee and the manager so the report contains actionable information the manager can use to most effectively manage the employee.

Review the narrative

On pages 3 through 11, you will find a full page narrative for each Behavioral Trait scale, including an explanation of both the manager’s and the employee’s tendencies and a tip, or idea for each behavioral characteristic, for working with the employee more effectively.

Use these ideas to optimize the manager-employee relationship.

Use the reflection worksheet

The report also includes a Summary and Reflection worksheet on page 12.

Use these questions to help the manager reflect on what they have learned about the relationship and how they can use these insights to be a better manager.

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