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PXT SelectTeam Report

See How A Candidate Will Fit Into A Team and Optimize Your Existing Teams

About The Team Report

This report for each team member to see how they fit into the team.

The Team Report can help team leaders and team members understand and address the group’s dynamics in a constructive way.

It consists of multiple employees’ results on the Behavioral Traits scales, as well as narrative feedback about what those results may mean for a team.

It is designed so that each team member can receive a personalized report, with the feedback written to him or her, rather than a single team report where the narrative is written solely to the manager.

The report can be used in the selection process to see how a new employee might affect team dynamics, but it’s more often used for onboarding or development, to help the members of a team understand their similarities and differences.

A separate team report is created for each team member and shows their interaction with the team.
Members of the team can be changed as needed to see how different combinations will interact.
Results focus solely on Behavioral Traits, which are defined in the report.

How To Generate The Team Report

A separate report is generated for each team member.

Once someone has completed the PXT Select and been scored, they don’t need to retake the assessment and there is no additional cost to include them in this (or any other) report.

Use The Team Report For

Maximize the return on your PXT Select investment.


Use the Team report during your hiring process to see how the candidate will interact with other potential team members. You can even generate different versions of the report with the candidate as a member of different teams to see if they will fit a different team better.

Sometimes placing someone onto a team where they are significantly different than everyone else can create conflict and frustration that causes the employee to look for another job.

You can use this report to alert yourself and the manager to any potential problems and consider them during the hiring process.

Of course, it is important to keep in mind that having everyone on the team be exactly the same many lead to "group think" and stifle creativity so consider this when you are making your hiring decision.

PXT Select

Optimizing A Team

Use the PXT Select Team report to help your team leaders and team members understand their similarities and differences so they can address the group’s dynamics in a constructive way.

Have the team leader review their report to see how the team interacts with each other and gain insight into how to best manage the team.
Give each team member their version of the team report and use it during a team training exercise where each person sees how the team behaves and how they can be most effective with other team members.
NEVER distribute the team reports to team members without training them about what each of the behavioral traits means otherwise wrong assumptions will be made.
Optiize your team with the PXT Select team report

How To Use The Report

A customized team report can be generated for each team member and the members of the team can be changed.

Review the summary on page 2

The summary on page 2 is an at-a-glance view of the distribution of team members along each behavioral scale, which can provide insight into the culture of the team.

The word "You" shows the team member where they fall on the behavioral scale and they can see the number of other team members at each position on the scale. If you have given the team training about the meanings of the scales, people will gain immediate insights into the similarities and differences in the team members.

Review the narrative

Pages 3-11 provide a full-page analysis of each behavioral scale, along with team members’  initials to indicate where the different team members fall along the continuum.

Each of these pages includes a brief narrative explaining how the team may approach the trait, based on members’ collective assessment results for that scale.

Finally, in the Points to Consider section of  the report, each team member will find a personalized narrative that explains how his or her preferences and tendencies might interact with the rest of the team’s.

Use the Summary and Action worksheet

Page 12 is a Summary and Action page, which provides the team’s average score for each scale and personalized tips for the individual team member based on the team’s collective scores.

The team can have a discussion about how to put each these tips into action and each individual can reflect on the challenges and opportunities these tips present.

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