PXT Select ™ Performance Models

A PXT Select Performance Model Is A Snapshot of the Preferred Traits for a Given Job

A Job Description Is A Good Start

Job descriptions and KPI's are a good start for hiring a top performer, but they're not enough to predict success.

If you have ever experienced the frustration of inconsistent hiring results, it might be because experience, education, and references are only part of what is needed to predict whether someone will be a top performer.

To solve this problem, the PXT Select uses proprietary Performance Model technology to analyze the thinking style, behaviors, and interests that make someone a good fit for a position.

You can easily compare any candidate to the Performance Model for any position to find their overall fit as well as their specific strengths and challenges compared to the job they are being considered for.

Just think of how this insight could improve your hiring decisions!

Creating A Job Description
PXT Select Performance Model Example

The PXT Select Goes Deeper

Each person and position is unique, so the PXT Select Performance model provides an easy way to compare any person to any job.

The PXT Select Performance Model shows the position’s ranges for each of the Thinking Style (cognitive abilities) and Behavioral Traits scales. For example, it indicates whether the job calls for a more urgent pace or a steadier pace.

When reviewing a candidate’s PXT Select™ assessment results, you will quickly be able to see whether the candidate falls within or outside the range for the position.

Essentially, the Performance Model puts a candidate’s scores into the context of what is required to be successful in the position so each candidate is compared to the Performance Model for the position they are applying for.

The PXT Select has an expanding library of tested Performance Models you can put to use immediately as well as the flexibility to create customized Performance Models specific to a particular job in an organization.

Any model can be quickly customized to reflect the unique culture of your organization.

Best of all? We create any Performance Models you need for you at no cost!

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Because of the variety of factors involved in a successful hire, no assessment including the PXT Select, can accurately predict all hiring outcomes and should never be more than 30% of your hiring decision. Our testimonials are representative composite comments from many clients.