Where To Use The PXT Select
In Your Hiring Process

Use The PXT Select Between The First And Second Interview

When I'm speaking at a conference, one of the most frequent questions I get is about where to use the PXT Select in your hiring process. I know that people are asking because no one wants to disrupt the process that they have been using for years. I don't blame them... it's just human nature.

Fortunately, with the PXT Select you don't have to change your process. This is because it's designed to fit into and enhance your existing hiring process, not replace it.

Most of my clients use it between the first and second interview so that the results can be used to adjust the questions asked in the second interview. Here are some details about where to use the PXT Select in your hiring decision.

   More Information Equals Better Decisions

Have you ever hired someone who turned out to be less than you expected... and when you thought back to the interview you realized that you missed something they said that would have given you a warning?

We all have.

We're all human and interview time is limited, so using an assessment to add additional data to the decision process can make sure you ask important questions that reveal strengths and weakness before you make a hiring decision.

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   Enhance Your Existing Process

The Role Of Assessments In The Hiring Process

While adding a validated hiring assessment like the PXT Select to your hiring process provides valuable information that can make the difference between a great hire and an average hire - or even a bad hire - it can't be used as the only decision factor.

An assessment should be used with your existing resume, interview, and background check process and never as more than 25% of the decision.

Never use an assessment score as the only factor in a hiring decision.

   Simply Add The PXT Select To Your Process

The largest companies add the PXT Select to the very beginning of their hiring process and have candidates complete it as part of the initial application process because it helps to remove subjectivity from the initial selection process.

But, for budget reasons, most companies use the PXT Select between the first interview and the second interview.

This means that that you will use only between two and five assessments per hire at an investment of only a few hundred dollars - a great investment compared to the cost of a bad hire.

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