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How To Optimize Your Workforce

How many of your workers are superstars? How many are toxic?
Here are my statistics and how to make some quick improvements.

Makeup Of A Typical Workforce

About 70 percent of a workforce is average and they're doing " "good enough". These are people you want to keep, but they are not top performers.

Top performers make up about 15 percent, and at the very top, you've got what I call the superstars, and they are about five percent of a typical workforce.

Your superstars are your go to people. You know who they are when you need something done and you need to have it done right and maybe even you need to have it done right now.

Performanc Makeup of a Trypical Workforce
Breakdown of An Optimized Workforce

An Optimized Workforce

Our goal is to eliminate the toxic workers, hire more superstars, and move people from bottom to average and average to top performers.

Use the the three strategies below and watch the video for details.

Strategies To Optimize Your Workforce

You can teach skills, but you can't change behaviors much so you have to hire people who have them naturally.

The more you hire to job fit, the more natural superstars you will have in your organization.

Three Strategies To Optimize Your Workforce

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