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Hiring Superstars: How To Put The Right Person In Every Job


Here Are Some Materials That Support and Add to The Presentation

SHRM Talent 20 Handout


Here's a handout that mirrors the content of the presentation and includes some additional details.

Hiring Secrets of Google

How Google Interviews

Learn to optimize your interview process by learning for the mistakes of Google.

Correlation With Hiring Top Performers

Correlation of Selection Factors

Twenty years of research reveal which selection factors have the highest correlation with selecting  top performers.

What Candidates Want In 2020

What Candidates Want
In 2020

Here are twenty things that candidates are looking for when deciding whether to take a job. Use these to attract more candidates when you are writing a job post.

When To Use An Assessment In The Hiring Process

Where To Add An Assessment To Your Process

There are three logical places to add a hiring assessment to your existing hiring process. Here are advantages and disadvantages of each.

Assessment Best and Worst Practices

Pre-Employment Tests Best Practices

Hiring Assessment Best Practices Watch Now

Here five best practices for using a pre-employment test to avoid hiring mistakes and hire more top performers for your company.

These employment test best practices have been developed over the past twelve years working with clients to hire thousands of people. They are tested and proven. Here they are:

Don't test selectively. Be consistent.
Don't use any pre-employment assessment as the exclusive factor in a hiring decision.
Make sure that the assessment you are using generates enough information to be useful.
Make sure that the assessment you are using correlates to job success.
Consistently train everyone who uses the assessment results.

Pre-Employment Tests Worst Practices

Hiring Assessment Worst Practices Watch Now

Here six worst practices for using a pre-employment test.

These are the worst practices we have observed over the past twelve years working with clients to hire thousands of people. Here they are:

Hiring managers aren't trained properly (or at all).
Too much or not enough weight given to the assessment results.
Potential problems are ignored because the hiring manager "likes" the candidate.
Inconsistent use.
Using an assessment to validate a decision that has already been made.
Using assessment results as a "cut off" in a hiring decision.

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