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Three Easy Steps To Using An Assessment With Your Next Hire

Describe The Job

Simply upload a job description and we'll create a Performance Model that reflects the thinking style, behaviors, and interests needed to be successful in the job.

Send A Link

Next, email your candidate(s) a link.

They simply click the link and complete the PXT Select online from any device.

Use The Questions

You are instantly sent customized interview questions and what to listen for in the answers.

Use these targeted questions to explore their individual strengths and challenges compared to the job.

PXT Select Reports

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The PXT Select Solves These Problems

Find More Qualified Employment Candidates

Not Enough Qualified Candidates

If you have ever struggled to find qualified candidates, the PXT Select can help!

Without a doubt, this is the biggest challenge faced by organizations in the new decade. There are no longer enough qualified candidates available for the number of jobs available.

We can help you solve this problem by using the PXT Select Performance Model for any position to write a job posting that will attract qualified candidates because the job you are describing perfectly matches their behaviors, interests, and motivations.

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Job fit is how an individual aligns with the requirements of the job and the culture of the organization using their natural thinking style, behaviors, and interests.

The PXT Select helps you to establish Job Fit so you can identify and place individuals in positions where they are most likely to be successful.

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PXT Select Reports

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