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Here Are My Two Best Interview Strategies

Based Over A Decade Of Working With Clients

 Length 2:23

The Best Interview Question

Sometimes it seems like candidates know the answers to your questions before you ask, doesn't it?

In this quick video, I share with you the best interview question I have ever uncovered. And I'll tell you exactly how to use it and what to listen for in the answer.

I guarantee that they will not be prepared for this question and that whatever they say will give a deep insight into who they are and what motivates them.

 Length 1:25

The Number One Interviewing Mistake

When I was hiring for my own companies I fell into this trap - and so does almost every client I have ever worked with.

It's easy to avoid once you know what it is and why it blocks you from uncovering things the candidate would rather not tell you about.

HR Strategies Today is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes use the latest advances in technology and psychology to hire, develop, and retain high performing employees and teams.

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